Photography Evolution

Posted on | October 30, 2018

StadAir2 When photography was first invented, it required an expert with advanced training in handling photographic equipment, lighting, and darkroom chemicals. Developing pictures was time-consuming and expensive. It used to take two hours to process the film we shot. Drop it at the lab, hmmm… just so happens it takes 2 hours to play 9 holes! My golf game was much better back in the day. Photography has become more accessible to hobbyists with the advent of digital photography. Now most of us take photos and share them online within minutes.

I have been shooting photographs since the early 70’s. My first published image was in the Gazette Telegraph newspaper in Colorado Springs, I was 12. It was a photo of a little girl on a swing that I entered in a photo contest. The seed was planted.

I then went on to shooting for my Junior and Senior High papers and yearbooks. I attended Colorado State University for a Technical Journalism major. I worked two and a half years at the Fort Collins Journal, now the Rocky Mountain Collegian, CSU’s official newspaper. During those years I also, did work for The Coloradoan newspaper as well as The Associated Press and United Press International. I had the opportunity to do shoots for People and Sports Illustrated Magazines. After “all” those years in Journalism I decided to leave that world and teach myself commercial photography.

It will be 37 years in business come this January. I have seen a lot. For the first 23 years one technology, in the past 14 at least 5 technology changes, plus 3 generations of drones! Digital has changed the world for sure. The camera I am currently using has built in WiFi, I can send a picture direct to anyone in the world within seconds. Just like your camera phone only with ultra-high resolution and a full range of lenses to choose from. Perfect timing for a world where Fed Ex in no longer fast enough.

With all that said, it still takes so much more than equipment and gadgets to capture great images. It takes a great eye, knowledge of lighting and careful composition. I urge everyone to explore the wonderful world of photography, but when it comes to you or your company’s image there still is a huge benefit in hiring a professional.

Go Explore!!!