Architectural Philosophy

Posted on | April 24, 2015

As an Architectural Photographer I draw on a wide array of skills to produce memorable images that convey a sense of place, an expression of the architect’s ideas, and a connection to landscape and surroundings.
I try to keep it fun, breaking down the complex process of shooting buildings by locating “The Point” in any shoot, capturing it and all the surroundings that it leads to.
What is the story of the building, the home, the hotel, the structure? How does it relate to the terrain, neighboring structures and the nearby area?
In short, what makes this structure special?
As the client, once you start cultivating your own stories, your photography gets simpler and very focused!
Perspective and composition become my “teammates” as I bring the building to life.
Choice of focal length, aperture, focus plane, tripod technique, time of day, white balance, composition, advanced lighting, and many other technical aspects are always explored.
Would an aerial view be advantageous?
Basic and advanced post-processing techniques are generally used to complete the image.
The key to my work is expressing something vital about the structure — what it feels like to live, work and play in that space. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA