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Posted on | June 1, 2013

Custom photo shoot? Yes or no?





It is quite simple. You will own these images and they are unique to you. You will not see your images anywhere else. Photographs taken specifically for you will provide images of your specific product and your people doing what they do on site at your facility.


Stock photography has been overused. Most consumers today assume images of people, random objects or scenery are purchased as stock imagery. This creates a generic aspect to a project. Using inexpensive stock images can do more damage to your company by cheapening your brand.


When you hire a photographer to take the images of your people or product it creates a more personal image. You are not just paying for an image, you are investing in the photographer and art directors artistic vision and expertise to produce images that express your message.


The ability to create an artistic direction of your images will compliment the design of the website/printed piece and take the final product to a higher level. This enables the photographer and designer to work together to achieve a cohesive look for the project.


In the case of stock photography, the designer can spend hours searching for an image that can be made to work into the design but that requires sacrifice. The designer either has to rework the design to accommodate aspects of the stock image or has to make concessions in the photograph to work it into the existing design direction.


In most cases, you can have custom images produced for the same amount of time, money and effort it takes to search for and purchase a stock image. Plus we go back to the personalization aspect.


The added benefit to creating images under art direction for your project is that the customer will have the sense that all this was created as a total concept rather than pieces and parts pulled together. This allows the designer much more freedom in the design because the images have been created in regards to the established composition, color and style.


This can be the difference between you and your competitors.


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