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Full-Service Commercial Photographer in Northern Colorado

With today’s smart technology, it may seem simple to snap photos of moments, events and headshots — it’s not. Combining his experience in photojournalism, studio photography and corporate photography, Tim O’Hara knows how to choose the perfect backdrop, create the perfect lighting and find the perfect angle for any professional photos you need. He also knows the gestures and details to look for at special events to capture moments your business or organization will never want to forget.

Tim truly gets to know his clients and understand their desired goals and needs for each photo — something he’s done for almost four decades. “People, Place and Products” are the subjects he shoots best; he’ll make sure your “people” always look their best in pictures.

Contact Tim today if you’re looking for a commercial photographer who specializes in studio shots, corporate portraits and more. He’d be more than happy to discuss his services in more detail, as well as pricing options, with you.